Website for Instructional Tai Chi Videos

laptop view of website for tai chi instructional videos

Client: PAt Akers, White Crane Video, Marina Del Rey, CA

Website for Instructional Tai Chi Videos, “Tai Chi for Body & Mind Fitness”

A long-standing e-commerce website for instructional Tai Chi videos had several technical issues making it impossible to place orders. We fixed several online payment issues, updated all plugins and WordPress version, migrated site to a new host with better support. Once these issues were solved we then improved on:

  • Website visuals for a more engaging user experience
  • SEO optimization
  • Calls to action
  • New navigation
  • Inclusion of video previews
  • E-commerce email branding and follow-up
  • Security
  • Performance and speed

example of website improvement before and after views

Jean Roth’s help with my website has been invaluable. Aside from maintenance (updates, security and performance checks, backups, edits, and fixes to things that stopped working), she did a lot of website redesign and improvements for copy (for both SEO and Calls to Action), loading speed, navigation, and visuals on my site. Jean was referred to me by a friend. I would highly recommend her for both her technical knowledge and her ability to clearly explain complicated issues so I could understand.