Website and Branding Design for Therapist

Client Website for Therapist

Website and branding design for therapist.
Client: Ofra Obejas, Village Counseling, Redondo Beach, CA

Project included:

• Logo development with palette. Concept encompassed the sense of protecting “someone” smaller, as well as the homes of a village, to reflect the business name. The colors reflect the beach-adjacent location and identity of the village. A stand-alone sun icon was also developed to be used as bullet points or other user interface purposes.
• Website was designed  for a balance between professionalism and warmth, with a sense of play and hope that nevertheless does not make the site childish.
• Stock photo research
• Animation and engaging interface
• Email capture
• Custom 404 page


The best part of working with Jean is that she had an instinct for what I needed when I didn’t always know how to explain it. The site captured who I am professionally and how I would like to relate to my clients. Jean understood perfectly the look and feel I was after. I loved her design for my logo and how she incorporated it into a brand. Every comment I get about the website mentions how it looks: charming, easy to navigate, and so “me.”